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Shark Byte Software Design's services go beyond software licensing.  Shark Byte is committed to providing your agency the support services needed to ensure a smooth transition to your new CAREeVantage system.  Our on-going partnership with your agency will help ensure CAREeVantage continues to meet your system needs as your programs evolve and reporting requirements change.  Shark Byte's support services include:

Shark Byte offers and recommends on-site group training.  Remote training via PCAnywhere is also available.

NAPIS PLUS Training Photo 1        NAPIS PLUS Training Photo 1

On-site Setup
CAREeVantage system setup is included free with an on-site training session.

Import Existing Data
Shark Byte can assist you in your system conversion efforts by importing data stored in your existing system(s) into your new
CAREeVantage System

Phone Support
CAREeVantage phone support contracts are available.

Printed System Manual
Contains information and directions for using all
CAREeVantage features.

On-going System Upgrades
Shark Byte is continuously working with agencies to make the
CAREeVantage system more efficient and productive.  All agencies receive on-going system upgrades as part of our standard database maintenance program.

System Customization Options
Whenever possible Shark Byte will attempt to meet an agency's request within the scope of the base
CAREeVantage system.  CAREeVantage was designed with flexibility in mind so normally an agency's "special request" can be handled with a customizable field or feature already built in to CAREeVantage .  If we feel a specific feature is not currently in the base CAREeVantage system, but we feel it will benefit other agencies we will build it into the next system update as part of our standard database maintenance program.  Occasionally there is a case where a requested report or special feature specific to only one agency is needed.  Shark Byte does has the ability to develop custom reports or other additions specific to an organization.  Agencies are also free to attach to any data tracked in the CAREeVantage system to develop their own custom reports.

Coming soon...CAREeVantage Support Web Site
CAREeVantage Support Web Site will provide users with answers to frequently asked questions, updated system manuals, and other on-line help.

Additional Services Offered
CAREeVantage software licensing and support, Shark Byte also offers a number of other computer related services to help with the implementation of the NAPIS Plus system or other projects.  Services include:

  • Networking (Windows Peer to Peer & Windows 2000 Server)

  • Custom Database Development

  • Web Site Development

  • On-site Software Training

If your organization is interested in the CAREeVantage System please complete our request for more information form or phone us at (616) 844-7014 for current support service pricing.


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